Warmly welcome President Wang and his delegation from Jiangnan University to visit our company and guide our work


On March 29, 2018, President Wang of Jiangnan University, accompanied by relevant personnel from Qiqiah Food Co., LTD., came to Hefei Saiwang Nut Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., to inspect and guide the work. Sun Jianxing, general Manager of the company, accompanied the whole process. And hefei Saiwang nut machinery manufacturing machinery Co., Ltd. on the history of entrepreneurship, product characteristics, as well as the company this year's work planning and market vision to do a detailed explanation. President Wang and his team listened to General Sun's explanation carefully, and gave recognition and praise to the company's current achievements. They hoped that Saiwang Nut Machinery company could continue to maintain the current product characteristics, give full play to the advantages of Hefei roasted goods capital, and walk out of the road of self-characteristic innovation. They also hoped that the cooperation mode between school and enterprise could be further deepened. From the shape design of the product, brand design, to further improve the energy saving and consumption reduction of the product, and strive to add bricks to add tile for the nut roasting industry, and strive to convert the theoretical knowledge of the university into productivity, and strive to develop nut roasting food machinery "spring". With the strengthening of the national regulatory requirements for environmental protection, Saiwang people will strive to meet the needs of customers, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of clean energy equipment such as natural gas, fuel oil and electric heating. Saiwang company gradually bid farewell to the manufacture of low environmental protection and high energy consumption mechanical equipment such as coal burning. At present, the company's direct gas heating series of cooking, baking, frying equipment has been in use by customers in the market. President Wang of Jiangnan University welcomed The regular reports and exchanges between The company and the university, and the university is willing to provide theoretical and technical support for the company in the later product research and development projects at any time. Hefei Saiwang nut machinery company in jiangnan University under the support, will strive to develop excellent products to provide our customers! "Saiwang people" with the belief of "customer achievement, innovation, win-win cooperation", and strive to achieve excellence. Hefei Saiwang Nut Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will strive to become the majority of nuts fried food enterprises partner! Please refer to jiangnan University's official website news link for details: Attached: A delegation from the alumni Association visited anhui alumni