Nuts pot


Heat source for nut cooking pot: natural gas, heat transfer oil, steam, etc.
Scope of application: Cooking sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanut fruits and other materials.

The supporting equipment of the boiler: hanging basket. The empty basket has counterweight, and the medicine bag cage can be customized according to the needs of customers.
Models: 500kg, 600kg, 720kg, etc.
Structural features: the pot body and basket body are made of stainless steel; Sewage outlet is designed at the bottom to facilitate cleaning and use. Place nut materials such as melon seeds to be cooked in a stainless steel basket, which is placed in the cooking pot so that the materials can be immersed in the cooking water; A heating device is installed in the boiler to heat the material and water in the boiler. The pneumatic device installed at the bottom of the boiler makes the materials toss up and down in the hanging blue, so as to improve the uniformity of material cooking. The boiler is wrapped with thermal insulation material, which can reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.
Direct fired boiler, the flame after natural gas combustion directly heats the feed water through the internal channel of the boiler
There are two structural forms of direct fired boiler, one is stove head type and the other is burner type.
main features
1. The direct combustion heating mode of burner or stove is adopted, and the flame directly heats the feed water;
2. Control, after reaching the set temperature, the large and small fire can be converted;
3. High thermal efficiency and utilization rate of natural gas;
4. The materials are cooked and taste evenly.